About us

Welcome to Banana Surf Morocco!

Our surf surf school is located in Aourir, near Taghazout, a typical Moroccan village based in the heart of
the banana-plantation area. It is also called Banana Village.

It all started a few years ago with a deep desire to make a dream come true. We wanted to share our passion for surfing, the ocean and nature with everyone who has the same dream.

In our surf school quality and safety are a priority. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, we are with to learn or improve surfing and above all, we want you to have fun.

Learning to surf or improve your surfing skills is essential but it is also important for us to share with you our Berber culture and our love of life.

You will feel at home here, in a place where a warm family atmosphere reigns every day.

The Founder

Khalid was born in Aourir. He started surfing at 7. Sharing his passion for the ocean and surfing has always been a priority in his life. As a graduate of the Moroccan Surf Federation, he has perfect knowledge of the area and knows where the best waves on the Moroccan coast are. He will even show you secret spots! The most important thing for Khalid is that you have fun on the board in the water.

Bookings & Communication

Sandra is from south Germany and your first contact for the organisation of your surf experience with Banana Surf Morocco. As she is in charge of communications, partnerships and customer relations she will be answering all your requests. Moreover she founded together with Khalid the Surf & Yoga Villa Blue Mind Surf & Yoga Tribe in Tamraght which is offering also accomodation and full holiday packages for those who are not only interested in surf lessons.

The Surf Team

Our team is composed of local and professional surfers who make sure that your surf experience will be fun and safe.