Banana Surf Camp in Morocco is like home for Aziz since the very beginning. Aziz and Khalid know each other for many years. Back in the years they already spent the afternoons together with surfing after school. Therefore it’s not possible to think about Banana Surf Morocco without Aziz.

Aziz will not only stay in your mind because of his uniqe look but stay in your heart as he is a real friend. He always have a helping hand, a joke or a smile to make you feel better and he will never say no if you aks him to join you for an avocado juice in the village or the souk. He loves German chocolate and colourful socks which have become his „trademark“. He has a big heart for dogs and when he is not on his surfboard or at Banana House you will most probably find him working in his garden or his house. Aziz is a real family person who loves to be around of friends – old and new ones.

Learn to surf with Aziz at Banana Surf Morocco

Being in the water with Aziz means first of all to have lots of fun and a good time. For Aziz this is what surfing is about. When he takes you to the water it is most important for him that you feel safe to try your best without putting too much pressure on or comparing yourself with others. For Aziz surfing is a personal experience where you also learn a lot about yourself. And to tell you a little secret – he is not only a great surf teacher but also gives best massages which are appreciated by our guests! It’s no question that Aziz will go with us the next step and also be part of our new surf & yoga villa which is opening this winter in Tamraght.

Last but not least you will probably wonder – like most of our visitors – if he is really blond by nature. And yes, we can say Aziz is a real #africanblond #surferdude.

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