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The practice of yoga complements the practice of surfing. Both means allow being present in life and finding balance in movement.

Through yoga, the body becomes more flexible and agile. Some poses are very useful for stretching the muscles after a good surfing session.

Every day, with a certified instructor, you have a 1.5-hour yoga session (included in the 'Surf and Yoga' package) on the terrace of our guest house, with a sea or beach view... ideal for 'connecting' your body to your environment.

This is an invitation to:
Enhance and release tension from your body through fundamental postures.
Cultivate mindful breathing techniques for greater inner awareness.
Relinquish stress through relaxation and delve into meditation for tranquility.

Individual Sessions: 39 € per person (60 Min.)
Sunrise Meditation: 5 € per person (30 Min.)
Sunset Yoga: 10 € per person (60 Min.)

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Excursions and discovery

Welcome to Southern Morocco, a mystical realm of Amazigh (meaning 'Free Man' in Berber) and Arab heritage. This region is celebrated for its expansive surf territories featuring internationally acclaimed spots. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a myriad of breathtaking landscapes, from majestic mountains to the tranquil desert, all while being accompanied by the soothing presence of the ocean. Explore the wonders of Aourir, Paradise Valley, the local souks of Agadir, and the mesmerizing Legzira.

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Dubbed 'Banana Village' for the cultivation and roadside sale of bananas in the valley, Aourir is bathed in exceptional light from sunrise to sunset. Life here unfolds at the unhurried rhythm of nature, characterized by tranquility and harmony.


A mystical land of the Amazigh (meaning 'Free People' in Berber) and Arabs. Renowned for its extensive surf territory with internationally acclaimed spots, there is also the opportunity to explore a variety of incredible landscapes, from majestic mountains to the desert, always near the ocean.

Paradise Valley

Situated approximately forty minutes by car from Aourir, nestled in the Atlas Mountains, this paradisiacal oasis promises an exhilarating and enchanting day. Indulge in the beauty of natural pools and slides, embark on rock jumps, enjoy a leisurely lunch in the palm grove, and for the more adventurous souls, partake in small discovery treks.

Legzira plage

A tranquil beach featuring an expanse of fine sandy shores that stretch between the ocean and cliffs adorned in a distinctive ocher/red hue. These cliffs, shaped and sculpted by the relentless force of water, boast rounded forms and even dramatic carvings, culminating in the creation of three colossal arches that leave a truly awe-inspiring impression as you pass beneath them!

We will guide you to our best recommendations in the region to fully enjoy your stay in Morocco.

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