Banana Surf camp in Morocco was founded by Khalid Tissali in his early twenties. He started with only a car, one board and a few hundred Euros which he invested to create his website. At this time he already worked as surf coach at Paradis Plage Resort. Never getting tired of surfing and sharing his passion for the ocean, he took tourists in his free time for surf lessons and surf trips. Over the years Banana House – his surf school next to the ocean – at km 12 followed. Last winter he finally took the next step: after 7 years at Paradise Plage Resort as surf coach, surf house assistant manager and finally the manager of the hotels surf school, he quitted this job to be able to concentrate fully on his own project Banana Surf Morocco.

Born and raised next to the ocean Khalid started surfing when he was 7 years old. The connection to the ocean and being in the water are essential for him and somehting which acommpanied him his whole life. For Khalid there is no bad day being next to the ocean: no matter what’s going on in daily life, surfing or swimming will always let him feel peaceful, satisfied and calm.

Learn to surf with Khalid at Banana Surf Morocco

Khalid really knows the conditions and surf spots of his home. Those who already went surfing with him experienced that he will not only bring you to the famous spots but always show you some „secret spots“ which are less crowded. When Khalid takes you to the water he not only gives you instructions. In a way which makes you feel very save and motivated, he will challenge and push you to overcome any fears or limitations which your mind might have created. It is Khalid’s personal mission to make his surf students to improve and to give them the highest possible support possible.

Surfing is not only a sport for Khalid but something which inspires his complete way of living. He is spontanous like the ocean and has a deep trust in the flow of nature and life. In the rare time which he does not spend on the surfboard or at the ocean he loves to travel and to discover new places. Good food is something which can’t be missed for him and if his time allows he loves to cook at home. He is full of ideas and a very creative person but at the same time there is nothing better for him as finding some time to relax and to recharge his batteries while having a little siesta nap. Last autumn he became daddy and his little son Lunis already got his first „surf session“ with 6,5 months. Together with his partner and love Sandra he is now focusing on building Banana Surf Morocco and both are looking forward to open their surf & yoga villa in Tamraght this winter.

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