Banana Surf Morocco family is not complete without Mohamed. Mohamed is the newest member and a helping hand in every field of camp life. So Mohamed is supporting the surf team as well as helping Mama Aicha in the kitchen if needed. Guests love to talk to him and to hang out with him. His Pizza is maybe the best in Morocco and his chocolate cake is already famous.

Discover the Agadir area with Mohamed

Whenever you meet Mohamed he has a friendly smile on his lips and is ready to help you with anything you need or would like to know. He is just a bit over 20 but you can have meaningful conversations with him about life, philosophy or whatever touches you and the world these days. Mohamed accompanies our guests to different trips like the Souk market in Agadir or Paradise Valley. He also knows a most beautiful hike with amazing sunset view.

Mohamed grow up in the area. He is studying law at university. Working at Banana Surf Morocco does not only help him to finance his study but is at the same time a great counter to all the paragraphes which he has to know. Mohamed loves the multiculti atmosphere and the relaxed, open-minded vibes at banana house!

Learn to surf and get spoiled by amazing Moroccan food…