Interview of a surf and board sports enthusiast. Lucie Curutchet, a French girl, tells her story and speaks about her passion for Banana Surf Morocco.

Who is Lucie Curutchet ?

I was born in the Basque Country, in Bayonne and I now live in Anglet [still in Basque Country]. I’m 25 years old and I work at Volcom in Anglet, in the Digital Marketing department.

What is your background ?

After a high-school diploma and two years at HEC Business School with a scientific option, I did three years of study at Toulouse Business School. I went on to intern at Volcom Corporation in Belgium and at Surfrider, as well as to spend a half-year abroad, in Mexico and in Barcelona. I finished my studies with an internship at Volcom, where I still work today.

You have been working at Volcom for 3 years, what is your job and what do you enjoy every day ?

I am in charge of Digital Marketing for Europe. I promote the brand on the internet, whether through social networks, influencers, contests, partnerships with websites, or the promotion of events that we organize.

You do board sports : skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding… where did this passion come from ?

I started surfing very early thanks to my father who brought me surfing for the first time in Guéthary [France]. And the next Christmas, I asked for a skateboard. As for snowboarding, I only began two years ago. I regret not having started snowboarding earlier. I found a mix of sensations between surfing and skateboarding that I love.

What would you say to girls to make them want to surf and skate ?

For me there is no need … Just watching a video of skateboarding or surfing is enough. No need for additional words to convince them.

You travel a lot, what do you like in the discovery of new countries ?

What I love most of all is the discovery of new cultures, new landscapes, and the most important, the local food. If waves are there, it is obviously a plus.

And especially in Morocco ?

Many of my friends love this country and are used to going surfing in winter. I have been talking a lot about Imsouane [a little village with an incredible bay], and being ”goofy”, I can not wait to test it !

Thanks to Lucie Curutchet