Some of you might know that Khalid started Banana Surf Morocco about 5 years ago. He had only one board and a few hundred Euros in his pocket but he focused on his dream to share his passion for surfing and his love for the ocean. Being fully devoted to his mission he builded over the years his little surf camp next to the ocean in Aourir which is today not only well-known for great surf lessons and surf trips but also choosen from surfers from all over the world as their surfing-home away from home. Thankfully to the great feedback of the guests Banana Surf Morocco is ranked on the second position in the tripadvisor category „speciality lodging in Agadir“.

With his partner Sandra he found his soulmate when it comes to the joy of sharing from the heart and building community. What means surfing for Khalid is yoga for Sandra. Not only something you do on the surfboard or the yogamat, but something that really inspires your philosophy of life, the perspective how you see things and finally the way you live.

For more than one year the two were now carrying the vision to bring their passions together. They pictured a home for surfing & yoga – big enough to host yoga and SUP groups as well as individual travellers for surfing and yoga.

With very concrete ideas about how this house should look lke it was more than challenging to find it. Within the last 10 years Sandra was leading many yoga retreats in Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Morocco and India and gained therefore a lot of experience of what a retreat location needs to hold space for immersing into the self and to invite transformation on a personal level.

Welcome to our Surf and Yoga Villa in Morocco

Just a few weeks ago their dreamlocation showed up: a beautiful house in Tamraght with a stunning view over the coast – from km 11 till Taghazout. Beside the amazing view this new home will offer an amazing rooftop, 11 rooms with private bathrooms and a generously dining & lounge area on the ground floor. Yoga as a holistic practice but also the perfect balance for surfing will get literally more space in the future. Classes will not only be offered on the rooftop on a daily basis but there will also be an indoor yoga studio with a glass front to the ocean for windy days or yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings.

The legendary banana house will remain as surf school, lunch spot fot the surf & yoga guests and place to connect and relax during the day.

The aim of Sandra and Khalid is to develope Banana Surf Morocco with their experience in a natural flow to take the next step. The new surfer & yogi home will open its doors this winter and offer more space as well as a higher standard without loosing the unique family vibe which Sandra & Khalid love to create and which their guests have been appreciating since the beginning.

Stay posted for more information and pictures as well as amazing soft-opening offers this winter!

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