Banana Surf Morocco is a limited liability company (SARL) with a share capital of 100,000.00 DH.


Banana Surf Morocco is committed to ensuring that each client's stay occurs under the best conditions. In this regard, an acknowledgment of responsibility form must be completed and signed before an individual can participate in a surf lesson or any other activities organized by the surf camp. Banana Surf Morocco bears no responsibility for non-compliance with the acknowledgment of responsibility form.

Clients are also advised to inform the Banana Surf Morocco team of any medical constraints, restrictions, and/or food allergies that may impact the practice of surfing or other activities at the surf camp. Banana Surf Morocco assumes no responsibility for any undisclosed conditions prior to or upon arrival at the surf camp.

Moreover, Banana Surf Morocco is not responsible for bodily injuries, loss, damage, or third-party claims that are not attributable to its own instructors. Clients are encouraged to safeguard their belongings at all times.

Lastly, it is highly recommended for clients to acquire comprehensive travel insurance during their stay in Morocco to ensure full coverage in case of accidents or other emergencies. Surfing is an inherently risky sport, and all participants are responsible for their own well-being. No liability or negligence can be attributed to Banana Surf Morocco for any injury, accident, or unforeseen circumstance.


Banana Surf Morocco guides clients on taking care of the equipment on a daily basis. However, if the client damages or loses equipment belonging to the surf camp, it is advisable to inform a member of the Banana Surf Morocco team.
Banana Surf Morocco will decide whether to request a contribution from the client for any repair or replacement.
For example, in the case of damage to surf equipment, the client will be responsible for the following costs:
. Board (all types) = 150 euros
. Fin = 30 euros
. Leash = 20 euros


Banana Surf Morocco is committed to ensuring that the organization of each stay occurs under the best conditions.
Any cancellation or modification to the client's reservation must be submitted in writing. Banana Surf Morocco will assess the request for changes and make its best effort to adjust the reservation accordingly, but it cannot guarantee it.
Once the reservation is confirmed by Banana Surf Morocco, payment in full, in cash, either in euros or dirhams at the current exchange rate, is due upon the client's arrival at the surf camp or in advance via bank transfer (Note: Moroccan account).

Banana Surf Morocco reserves the right to change your accommodation during your stay. The replacement accommodation will be of equal or higher standard. Banana Surf Morocco will notify the client of any changes to accommodation terms before or upon arrival at the surf camp.
It's important to note that Banana Surf Morocco is not responsible for surf conditions. If the client encounters unsuitable surf conditions (Examples: flat day, rain, or wind), Banana Surf Morocco cannot refund the client. However, alternative activities will be arranged to compensate for adverse conditions (Examples: mountain hike, visit to the Souk of Agadir, beach games...).


The client is required to adhere to the instructions provided by the surf instructors. In the event that the client withholds information about physical health issues, engages in irresponsible behavior, or causes disruptions that pose a threat to the service delivery, the well-being of other participants, or the reputation of the company and its employees, the client may face exclusion from the lesson. In such circumstances, lessons will be promptly terminated without prior notice, and payments will not be refunded.


The client acknowledges and agrees to be photographed and/or filmed during lessons, with the understanding that this material may be utilized for promotional or advertising purposes, including but not limited to Banana Surf Morocco's website and its social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Instagram), without requiring prior consent. All personal data will be handled confidentially and will not be shared with any third party unless necessary for the provision of the requested service. Banana Surf Morocco assures the client that they can terminate this agreement at any time by providing written notice via email.