At Banana Surf Morocco Sandra is responsible for guest communications and bookings as well as building the yoga program at the camp and especially at the new surf & yoga villa which will open its doors this winter in Tamraght and bring a greater focus to yoga as preparation and counterbalance for surfing as well as a healing practice by itself.

Sandra was born and raised in south Germany but travelling the world with her parents and later on her own all her life. Thats maybe why she is gifted with an open mind and heart which allowed her to follow an inner call to be with Khalid the founder of Banana Surf in Morocco and leaving everything behind which defined „home“ for her so far. Despite all cultural differences she is immersing into the Moroccan way of life. She is living together with Khalid and their 7-months old son in Tamraght.

Yoga & Surf at Banana Surf Morocco

With surfing Sandra found another passion which lets her experience – quite similiar as her beloved yoga – a state of inner peace and wholeness. On the other side more challenging conditions force her to face her fears and doubts and give her opportunity to reflect and leave some mental limitations behind. The ocean is moreover her greatest teacher to be in the moment and to be in alignment and flow with the natural rythms.

Sandra is regulary in Germany to teach yoga workshops and yoga teacher trainings. Moreover she is travelling to lead yoga retreats worldwide. One of Sandras main teachers is the Californian Yogini Shiva Rea the creative founder of Prana Vinyasa Yoga. The practice and embodying of Prana Vinyasa gave Sandra over the last 10 years the support to grow and to discover her true self. Her community saw her leaving corporate life to live, teach and share her love for yoga fulltime, following her heart to Morocco and finally becoming mum of her son.

Her vision is now to build together with Khalid a retreat center for yoga & surfing in Morocco and to create a home and unforgettable moments for surfers & yogis from all over the world. Sandra will also offer Prana Vinyasa teacher trainings in Morocco in German language in October 2019 and in English language in February 2020. 

Furthermore she will lead a surf and yoga retreat in March 2020 for all levels of surfers & yogis. 

Experience Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings with Sandra or the great combination of yoga & surfing at Banana Surf Morocco…