Yoga Teacher Training in Morocco – sounds like a dream? Let’s make this dream come true! Our yoga teacher training program is a life-changing experience which gives you all the tools you need to teach yoga and will also take you on an incredible personal journey. An inner pilgrimage to bring clarity to your heart wisdom which you will start to share with the world afterwards. Being away from home, meeting people from across the globe, making new friends, experiencing a different culture and seeing the world through a new perspective are powerful amplifiers to become fully aware of your inner voice. You will learn how to express and live your inner song on and off the mat – no matter if you really plan to teach or simply want to experience the training just for yourself. Once organised being away from your job and family for 26 days you will enjoy the freedom and space to dive fully into this unique experience.

Learn to teach yoga

In our trainings we focus on the art of teaching Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga as created by the great yogini Shiva Rea. Shiva Rea developed and refined this style of yoga within her own practice over the last 25 years. Her roots have been in Ashtanga yoga as well as studying dance antrophology. Through life as the greatest teacher and the deepening of her own practice, as well as the observations while teaching yoga to the people, Prana Vinyasa was born. A yoga ssadhana dedicated to the greatest power within and to honor it as the guiding life force.

The unique aspects in Prana Flow Yoga are:

  • Alignment through Movement: Within every asana we follow the intelligent flow of Prana as it is expressed in the Prana Vayus. Therefore we will embody the „3 part Vinyasa Method“ of „Prana Flow Pulsations“, „Prana Flow Body Vinyasas“ and „Prana Flow Rhythmic Vinyasas“
    As we integrate the great wisdom of Ayurveda we practice along the ayurvedic elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. According to the Ayurvedic wisdom everything consists of these 5 elements – so we are. We will learn and integrate Prana Flow Yoga sequences which help us in our personal practice as well as in teaching individuals and groups to cultivate and balance this elements according to personal needs or the season of the year.
  • We live the whole spectrum of Ha-Tha. Therefore we learn and integrate solar and lunar Prana Vinyasa Sequences to balance the sun and moon energy within us.
  • Life is a Wave or Vinyasa. Everything in life is moving in waves or Vinyasas. What sounds simple is one of the yogic core teachings which will make you able to flow gracefully with the permanent changes of life. In Prana Vinyasa Flow classes we embody this wisdom in the art of sequencing. Every class is build by the „Multidimensional Wave Sequencing Method“ which will be transmitted to you.

Moreover the training will be completed by Anatomy knowledge, Philosophy as well as Bhakti Yoga and some surprises along the way to enhance your journey.


Our days start with a nourishing morning practice to deepen our body and mind awareness, followed by a delicious breakfast. In between breakfast and lunch we will mainly cover theoretical lectures. After lunch and a sweet regenerative siesta we dive into the knowledge with practical exercises and explorations. You will learn how to embody yoga and live the flow on and off the mat. The schedule is flexible and can vary according the needs of the group. Sometimes you will enjoy a longer break in the afternoon and therefore we will have another lecture after dinner. On other days we will have a shorter break in the afternoon with a free evening. Living in balance and harmony is the goal of every yogi and so it is for our time together. You will enjoy 23 days of training and 3 days off to regenerate or to explore: Cosy beaches, famous surf spots, typical Moroccan villages or the vibrating city of Agadir are just nearby.

Yoga Retreat Center by Banana Surf Morocco

Our yoga & surf villa will be our living ashram. The villa is opening in fall 2019 in Tamraght next to Taghazout and provides a calm and warm space to be and to unfold. We will have a lovely rooftop with ocean view as well as an indoor yoga studio for our lessons. We will be nourished by vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and for those eating fish there will be options several times a week. Tea and water will be available the whole day at the villa. You will be accomodated in shared rooms.

Teacher Trainings will be offered regularly in German and English language. The first Prana Flow Training in English language will take place from 23rd of February till 19th of March 2020 with Sandra Amtmann and Marion Inderst. Both are experienced Prana Flow Yoginis and teacher trainers as well as soulmates for many years. Sandra is co-founder of the new surf and yoga retreat center. Originally based in Germany where she is well-known for providing unique retreats and teacher trainings, Sandra followed her heart 2018 to Morocco where she is now based with her partner Khalid, the founder of Banana Surf Morocco and their little son. Together they are creating unique surf & yoga gateways under the Moroccan sun. Marion Inderst has her own school in the italian alps and loves to inspire her students to reach beyond themselves and live lives with greater creativity and joy. As a devoted student of Tantric Shaivism she will bring the ancient wisdom of yogic philosophy in the training and is happy to share her knowledge in holistic health as well.

Marion and Sandra are looking forward to dive together with you deep into the art of teaching Prana Vinyasa Yoga. The teacher training program leads towards a 200 hours Prana Vinyasa Yoga Alliance certification or counts towards the +300h Prana Vinyasa Yoga Alliance Training.

Join us on a life-changing journey! Early Bird till 30th of November 2019 – write us for more information or registration…