Banana Surf Morocco is not only well-known for great surf lessons and trips but also for most delicious authentic homemade Moroccan food. The boss of the kitchen and probably not only the kitchen is Mama Aicha.

Delicious homemade food at Banana Surf Morocco

Mama Aicha spoils the guests with her tasty dishes and barely accepts a «no» if you try to explain that you are not hungry anymore. Her Tajines are maybe the best in Morocco and anyone who would like to learn to prepare it is welcome in her kitchen. Our guests don’t love Mama Aicha only because of her food but she turns out to be the holiday-mum of everyone always caring that everyone is happy, feeling comfortable and safe. She is a mum allover and therefore also knows the best home recipces for any ache you could have.

On the first sight she looks like a traditonal woman but just after a few words you will realise that she is quite modern and open minded. She was born and raised in Marrakech and is the mother of Khalid as well as his two brothers and his sister. Mama Aicha is funny and quick-witted. And you have really soon the idea that she is not only the boss of the kitchen in Banana House but more or less secretly the boss of the whole Tissali family. The grandmother of two teenager girls and little Lunis has a weakness for sweets like chocolate or cake. She has a little guest book and her greatest pleasure is if you leave her a little note there.

Mama Aicha is young at heart. Even if she is not cooking and serving at Banana House she loves to hang out there with the guests. In her freetime she learns to read and write Arabic as it is something she missed as young girl but her principle is that it is never too late to start.

With our new surf & yoga villa which is opening this winter Mama Aicha will get support by a kitchen-team who will care for breakfast and dinner but the lunch at Banana House will for sure stay in her hands because some things are just too good to change!

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