Yoga & Surf Retreats at Blue Mind Surf & Yoga Tribe in Morocco! We look forward to all guest teachers who have already booked their stay with us and visit us in 2020 with their groups:


February 18-25, 2020: Bodhi Vinyasa Retreat with Marcus Rother

Bodhi Vinyasa Yoga and surfing are an ideal combination. Both are deeply rooted in a culture that strives for freedom and individual expression. A culture that follows her heart and that creatively expresses love in her heart. Both bodhi vinyasa yoga and surfing bring you into the here and now, letting you forget about time, allowing you to connect deeply with yourself and the world. This connection creates space for new perspectives, so that we can let go of the old, and from a contentment for what is, with courage, curiosity and openness of the world and ourselves can meet.

During the retreat, Marcus invites you to 1-2 yoga sessions per day. With morning sessions, we prepare for the surfing day by creating a deep awareness of the body and movement. With pranayama and meditation we break away from the limits of the mind and bring our consciousness into the learning process of the body. In the evening sessions, with Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, or a Thai Yoga Massage, it becomes much more relaxed, so that we can process the experiences of the day. With an AcroYoga Session earlier this week, we lay the foundation for mutual learning and mutual support in this learning process. Create the foundation for an intense and conscious experience in the ocean waves of Mother Nature with Yoga.

About Marcus

Marcus is a Yoga Alliance Certified and Professional Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. He has been organizing his own classes for 3 years and teaching in studios and companies in the Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen regions. As one of the first yoga teachers in the region, he has offered free classes in the park, with Yoga for All at Platnersberg, inspiring the yoga community in Nuernberg for more outdoor yoga. He is also an avid AcroYogi and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, and as co-founding member of the Flying Monkey Circus, supported the AcroYoga Community in Nuernberg at its inception. In more than 1000 hours of instruction, and more than 7 years of personal practice with more than 50 different teachers from different yoga traditions, he has developed his interpretation of yoga, the Bodhi Vinyasa and made his trademark.

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March 24 to 31, 2020: Live your Freedom with Sandra Amtmann

Sandra is co-founder of Blue Mind Surf & Yoga Tribe and one of the first certified Prana Vinyasa Flow® yoga instructors in Germany as well as one of only a handful of Shiva Rea certified Prana Vinyasa Flow instructors worldwide. She teaches Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga workshops and master classes throughout Germany as well as Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher trainings and retreats in the most beautiful locations around the globe.


When she discovered surfing in 2016, it was love at first sight. As with yoga, she feels alive, free and limitless on the board – she wants to share that feeling of happiness, contentment and presence while sharing with you.

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May 2-9, 2020: FREEstyle Yoga and Surf Retreat with Kathrin Pfeifer

Free as the breath, as free as the wind. This retreat is dedicated to the multifaceted state of flow state in yoga and life.


Kathrin discovered yoga in 2006 and has been teaching yoga with pleasure for eight years. Her teaching style is influenced by Prana Vinyasa Flow and Anusara Yoga. For Kathrin it is a privilege to share and serve the yoga path. It means for them “Yoga is life and life is yoga”!

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15 to 22 May 2020 with Sandra Striebeck & Sara Lonsdorfer

Feel your spirit and come into deep contact with yourself – whether on the surfboard or on the yoga mat. In the Yoga & Surf Retreat with Sara and Sandra the feeling of sparkling liveliness awaits you. In your personal time-out, you will come into your power as well as into deep rest and relaxation.


With morning yoga and pranayama sessions you tune in to the surflessons. Even as an absolute beginner you are welcome here. With gentle Yin Yoga and meditation we end every day to regain peace and strength. In between, the tastiest vegetarian food is waiting for you. On our non-surfing day we make a joint trip into the magical landscape of Morocco.

We, Sara Lonsdorfer and Sandra Striebeck manage the yoga studio Sweet Karma Yoga together in Trier and we look forward to seeing you in Morocco!

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May 23-30, 2020 Yin & Yang Retreat with Sammy Adams

The yoga program consists of a revitalizing and invigorating Vinyasa Yoga classes in the morning and wholesome, quiet Yin Yoga classes in the evening. The courses are balanced and varied. From hip openers, back flexes, stance and arm balances, to reversal posture and prevention.

You will get a week full of new yoga experiences, fun, healing elements that surround you and a culture that will inspire you.



After Sammy quit her job as a nurse to follow her heart on the yoga mat, she has not missed a chance to deepen her knowledge of yoga and pass it on. As an experienced and accredited yoga teacher, she teaches Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Prana Flow® and Yin Yoga. Her passion to help people in their healing process lives them out in various forms of massages. She is trained in Thai Yoga masseuse and Flying Body Work masseuse.

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September 5-12, 2020 Sweet Salty Sweat – Become part of something special with Julia Masanneck

Julia Masanneck (Yoga Loft Tübingen) will lead the yoga sessions this week. Years ago surfing was discovered with your sons, and yes, yoga and surf have a lot in common and complement each other great. If you have not discovered it yet, you should definitely give it a try.


What we need on the surfboard for flexibility and balance, we can playfully learn and try on the mat – what we need on the mat in patience and endurance, we can learn wonderfully on the surfboard. Letting things go, waiting for the wave, being part of the “big picture”, all that, and much, much more will bring you a little closer to yourself this week.

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12 to 19 September 2020 Go with the Flow Retreat with Steffi & Thomas Dunker

Enjoy a week full of yoga, surfing, delicious food and experience a unique landscape and culture!

This week will be a wonderful mix of Prana Vinyasa Flow, Liquid Flow, Yoga Works, Prana Yin Flow and Yin Yoga. A balanced yoga practice awaits you, characterized by an intelligent mix of active and passive asanas, energizing breathing exercises, and exercises to calm and relax the mind and body.


Immerse yourself in a flow of breathing, movement and affirmation and let yourself go.

Coming from a completely different world, Steffi and Thomas Dunker (both born in 1968) started their yoga path together in 2012.

They have been a couple since 1988 and, like so many others, have experienced many a storm and have grown to it. Especially if it was and is very challenging, they know very well what they have in common; it is basic trust and heartfelt love.

Talking and listening together and respecting each other are the two most important “success factors”. In addition, they both find it a great gift to practice yoga together, attend training, teach yoga and share the colorful knowledge of yoga and more, and enrich the yoga world.

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September 25-29, 2020 with Shiva Rea


We are excited to welcome Shiva Rea the founder of Prana Vinyasa Yoga and one of the most important teachers who influenced the art of Vinyasa Yoga for a retreat. Stay tuned as it will probably be sold out quickly.

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10th to 17th October 2020 – Yoga & Surfing for the whole family with Julia Brakensiek

Beyond Yoga takes you and your loved ones on trips. Be there with your family, your friends, your partner or just you with us …. and experience an unforgettable week in Morocco between waves, sand and yoga mat and so much sea!


Do you want to bring body and soul into harmony through yoga and surfing and to connect yourself completely to the rhythm of nature and your inner rhythm? Then enjoy this time-out of a very special and heartfelt kind with friends, with friends and family full of relaxation and deceleration and a lot of fun and salt water!


About Julia and Beyond Yoga

Julia is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and fulltime mum, but above all the heart of Beyond Yoga Berlin. Yoga has been accompanying her life for more than 18 years. Whether in her native Berlin or on the many stops in Germany and abroad: Yoga is always a constant and an important balance in the professional as well as private.

Healing and powerful, meditative and dynamic, plus a hearty dose of humor – that’s the style of Julia. Julia completed her basic training in “my shanti yoga” (under Sandra Amtmann) in Nuremberg.

During and after her pregnancy, yoga has shaped her and strengthened her role as expectant mother and working young woman. This was followed intuitively by the “Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training” with Patricia Thielemann / Spirit Yoga Berlin followed by the training “Yoga with Children” at Thomas Bannenberg / Children’s Yoga Academy KYA / Berlin – both true heart projects!

Julia’s training as a “course instructor for mindfulness training for coping with stress” is especially valued for burnout prevention in companies / schools and in schools and intensively incorporated in her yoga practice. With Beyond Yoga Berlin, Julia has created a mobile yoga studio where young and old can meet again and again – sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly – just like in real life!

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October 17-24, 2020: Radiantly Alive Yoga and Surf Retreat with Kathrin Pfeifer

Be the radiant being you! A nourishing, energizing week is waiting for you. A mix of Flow Yoga and Kundalini Yoga inspired Kriyas.


Kathrin discovered yoga in 2006 and has been teaching yoga with pleasure for eight years. Her teaching style is influenced by Prana Vinyasa Flow and Anusara Yoga. For Kathrin it is a privilege to share and serve the yoga path. It means for them “Yoga is life and life is yoga”!

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16 to 22 November 2020: Sea your Soul Retreat with Nadine Bewernick & Heidi Köhler

In our yoga and surf retreat, we use the power of the elements to move with joy and ease on your surfboard and yoga mat. We accompany you every day through a yoga practice that strengthens your inner and outer alignment while also creating a holistic balance.

The mixture of yoga and surfing provides a nice change. Enjoy the joy of movement and the expanse of the ocean.

About Heidi

Through yoga, Heidi found a state of inner peace and a deep connection with herself and the world that she had not experienced before.
That was in 2012, when she met Prana Vinyasa® Yoga and her teacher Shiva Rea. Heidi’s teaching is characterized by a calm, powerful, creative and transformative nature, which always gives her a special depth. By reconnecting to breathing Heidi leads her students to a healthy body awareness and more and more towards an inner balance. Thoughts become free and a deep connection palpable – carried by a feeling of absolute inner perfection.

Her teaching style enriches her with her experience of bodywork. As a shin-tai-therapist, she can incorporate her knowledge of shiatsu, chi nei tsang and other body techniques from traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to teaching, she also works as a Thai Yoga masseuse (Krishnatakis, Sunshine Network).

About Nadine

For Nadine, yoga is a path that offers the opportunity to develop and grow daily. In her lessons she wants to help you to feel more deeply and holistically inward. “A healthy body, a clear mind, a pulsing heart and a soul alert connect. This results in growth, transformation, self-realization and healing. “She is happy to pass on her enthusiasm and lightness to her students. “To consciously direct attention, to be aware of the everyday and the small” – these intentions are always part of their meditative and yet very dynamic and powerful hours. With the help of her calm and empathetic nature, she likes to tune in individually to every personality and level. In 2013 she met Shiva Rea in Munich. She quickly felt that Prana Vinyasa® Yoga – this fluid and dynamic practice – is the yoga style she wants to deepen and share. Nadine is currently training as a naturopath at the Amara School of Natural Medicine.

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